Decommissioning the compiler build artifacts in Google cloud storage

The Google cloud storage that we use to upload the compiler build artifacts (mostly from the Green Dragon CI cluster) will soon be going away (on July 12th). The primary motivation for it was the use in bisection (through the `llvmlab bisect` tool [1]), and it doesn’t look like it is getting used much anymore (at least not since the move to monorepo as one can now use `git bisect` directly). Please contact me if you would be impacted by this, or if you have any thoughts or concerns.

Don’t let me stop you from removing the bucket, but I think this kind of infrastructure would be really handy. Running git bisect directly is awfully slow if the search requires rebuilding clang at every step, and an archive of prebuilt compilers can really speed up that search process. I believe Google has at least two internal clang binary archives used for this purpose, and I would really prefer to see that infrastructure externalized.

I agree with Reid, both on the general usefulness of this infrastructure and the fact that shouldn’t block you from retiring it if running it isn’t worth while for you given the current usage.

I’ll comment that I had been largely unaware this existed. I vaguely remembered the original announcement, but had no idea this was still up and running. To the point where I’ve written prototype code which does largely the same thing, and was using it for my own purposes. :slight_smile:

Can I ask how much this is costing to maintain? Both in terms of direct cost and operations cost? I’ve been toying with the idea of standing up something like this myself for public use and am curious if my ballpark guesses were accurate.


It would be nice if it provides a godbolt like web service - e.g. here
is a *.ll or preprocessed source file, build it with this options and
give me the result.