Default to "reply all" for mailing list messages?

Ugh, just forget “reply all” again…

Does any mail client support “if this message was CC’d to {llvm,cfe}{-dev,-commits}, then always ‘reply-all’”?

I just feel like a retard every time I forget to “reply all”.

–Sean Silva

The irony of this reply is killing me :slight_smile:

Hehe, I intentionally left out the group because I just wanted to cheer you up and let you know that there’s more than one “retard” on the list.

2012/6/14 Sean Silva <>

btw, the “default reply-to-all” extension for gmail works great!

I think that Mailman has a reply-to setting, but I don’t know if anyone wants to mess with a global setting that the docs call a “religious issue.”