dejagnu tester

Hi all,

  This is just to announce that I have a FreeBSD x86 machine running the test suite more or less continuously:

  Of note is that it now runs Dejagnu tests. (Thanks, tonic+co!) I'm also tracking CVS breakage (internally, for now). At some later point, I'll make available more real-time information on "is CVS alive and if not, who broke it".



Thanks a LOT Duraid, we've already found several bugs because of it.
Apparently the FreeBSD malloc is much more picky than the Linux malloc
(it finds problems that we can only find with valgrind). Nice!



Your recent tests are all failing because the linker can't find libc.bc
or libcrtend.a. I suspect you rebuilt your CFE without installing the
runtimes. To restore them, could you please:

cd llvm/runtime ; make clean ; make install