Deleting lldb/utils/test/


I'm considering deleting the lldb/utils/test/ directory as a cleanup. Does anyone has a reason to keep these scripts around?

Here are the files in the directory:

% ls lldb/utils/test
README-disasm README-run-until-faulted main.c


- would've been helpful before lldb gained a 'disassemble' command, but it doesn't seem useful anymore
- ditto for; this one also seems quite Darwin-specific (I'm pretty sure it doesn't work anymore)
- might be useful if you want to type bytes by hand and see the disassembly, but even then, seems better to just do `echo "<bytes>" | llvm-mc`
- isn't running the test suite properly, also (imo) seems like an ersatz Jenkins replacement
- main.c is just an example program
- looks like a driver for stress-testing lldb's disassembly command, but it looks very iOS/Darwin specific and has likely outlived its usefulness
- runs a program up to 100 times to see if any of the runs fail; I suspect most users would reach for a shell one-liner before looking for something like this script



Last time I looked at these nothing seemed relevant (anymore) to me either. I’m in favor of getting rid of the directory.

Sounds good, deleted as of 158f3360.