Demangling question

So I got tired of LLVM's PrintStackTrace() function only being able to print mangled C++ names. I went ahead and wrote a demangler (shown below), however there's one slight problem, which is that the output of backtrace_symbols appears to be different on different platforms. In order to use the cxxabi demangler, you need to provide it with the portion of each line that contains the mangled name, and strip all of the other items on that line. In the case of OS X, the mangled symbol is delimited by whitespace, however on some platforms it appears that the mangled name is surrounded by parentheses.

I guess what could be done is to just write a version of the line stripper per platform. I'd start by only supporting the platforms I have access to, and letting other people contribute the parsing code for their platform.

    #include <cxxabi.h>

    /// ....

    static void PrintStackTrace(int skipFrames) {
      // Use backtrace() to output a backtrace on Linux systems with glibc.
      int depth = backtrace(stackTrace,

    #ifdef HAVE_CXXABI_H
      if (char ** symbols = backtrace_symbols(StackTrace, depth)) {
               // Name buffer used to contain demangling result.
        size_t sz = 256;
        char * buffer = (char *)malloc(sz);

        for (int i = 0; i < depth; ++i) {
          // Skip this frame, and possibly the assert machinery as well.
          if (i >= skipFrames) {
            char * symbol = symbols[i];
            // TODO: This is a very cheesy way to extract the symbol name,
            // need to come up with something that will work on various
            // fprintf(outstream, "%s\n", symbol);
            char * begin = strchr(symbol, '_');
            char * demangled_name = NULL;
            if (begin) {
              char * end = strchr(begin, ' ');
              if (end) {
                *end = 0;
                int status;
                demangled_name = abi::__cxa_demangle(begin, buffer, &sz,
                     if (demangled_name != NULL) {
              fprintf(outstream, "%s\n", demangled_name);
                         // Result may be a realloc of input buffer.
              buffer = demangled_name;

      backtrace_symbols_fd(StackTrace, depth, STDERR_FILENO);

Oh, and one other thing I haven't figured out is how to add a test for <cxxabi.h> into LLVM's configure script.

In any case, if someone wants to work on this feel free to use this code, I've been too busy lately to make a patch.

-- Talin