Dependence Analysis [was: Flow-Sensitive AA]

Polyhedral representations are powerful but somewhat expensive to
construct and simple dependence tests don't construct them. Forcing
all dependence test results to go through them would be overkill.

Also, many loop transforms, e.g., loop interchange, don't need the
polyhedral info, just direction vectors. You could instead provide
both direction vectors and polyhedral info through the interface,
with some way to check if either is available.

So far I see 3 ways of expressing dependencies:
- Loop level
- Direction vector
- Polyhedral representation

Polyhedral representation subsume direction vector and direction vector subsume loop level. We can as well:
- create a hierarchy of dependence type and implementing the logic for isa, cast and dyn_cast.
- Provide some constructors to build a dependence type from a less precise one. This does not scale well with the number of type to maintain. But as long as there is few types (3 so far) this is maintainable.

- Supporting delinearisation.

I think this should be a separate pass.

I agree. It should be an analysis pass queried by the dependence analysis as a fall back whenever all the dependence tests from the other indexes were