Details on rdar://18684408?

The tests in lang/cpp/unicode-literals/ are
marked with @unittest2.expectedFailure("rdar://18684408").

These tests are passing on FreeBSD:
UNEXPECTED SUCCESS: test_and_run_command_dwarf
UNEXPECTED SUCCESS: test_expr1_dwarf
UNEXPECTED SUCCESS: test_expr2_dwarf
UNEXPECTED SUCCESS: test_expr3_dwarf

The example in the test case works as expected:

(lldb) expr L"Hello"
(const wchar_t [6]) $0 = L"Hello"

Are these passing on Linux as well?

I apologize for this confusion. I recently fixed these as a side effect of some major changes in IRForTarget.cpp.
These should be fixed on pretty much all platforms, and the expectedFailure can be removed.
If they’re passing on Linux too, let’s remove the expectedFailure.


Does not work on Windows yet, so please leave it xfail’ed on windows for now

Linux is ok as well. I've enabled the tests everywhere except windows.
Please add your arch back if you notice problems.