Determining if a template type came from a typedef in clang-tidy

I have the following example:

In a header somewhere:
namespace Kokkos {
  using DefaultHostExecutionSpace = Serial;

In a different header somewhere

namespace Kokkos{
template<typename T>
class RangePolicy;

struct GoodClass {
  int foo;

  KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION GoodClass(int f) : foo(f) {}
  KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION void method() {
        Kokkos::RangePolicy<Kokkos::DefaultHostExecutionSpace>(0, 42),
        KOKKOS_LAMBDA(int i) { do_something(foo, i); });

Once I have the CallExpr to the parallel_for I use the following matcher on it:

auto FilterArgs = hasAnyArgument(
                                   matchesName("Impl::PolicyTraits")))) // This will cause it to match the first argument

I am trying to detect that the template type on the RangePolicy is Kokkos::DefaultHostExecutionSpace and not Serial.

My question is can I only see the typedef at the expression that constructs the object or can I deduce that Serial was actually the result of the typedef from the CXXRecordDecl? I can’t just find the typedefdecl because I only want to detect when it was explicitly Kokkos::DefaultHostExecutionSpace, Serial could come from some other context that I don’t want to match on.

When I dump the expr from the the above matcher I get:
`-CXXTemporaryObjectExpr 0x7007f50 'Kokkos::RangePolicy<Kokkos::DefaultHostExecutionSpace>':'class Kokkos::RangePolicy<class Kokkos::Serial>' 'void (const Kokkos::RangePolicy<class Kokkos::Serial>::member_type, const Kokkos::RangePolicy<class Kokkos::Serial>::member_type)’

But if I dump the decl I can only see:

ClassTemplateSpecializationDecl 0x7e6eb70 </path/to/the/file/Kokkos_ExecPolicy.hpp:93:1, line:279:1> line:94:7 class RangePolicy definition

-DefinitionData pass_in_registers standard_layout trivially_copyable has_user_declared_ctor can_const_default_init
>-DefaultConstructor exists non_trivial user_provided
>-CopyConstructor trivial user_declared has_const_param needs_overload_resolution implicit_has_const_param
>-MoveConstructor exists trivial user_declared
>-CopyAssignment trivial has_const_param implicit_has_const_param
`-Destructor simple irrelevant trivial
-public 'Impl::PolicyTraits<Serial>':'Kokkos::Impl::PolicyTraits<Kokkos::Serial>'
-TemplateArgument pack
`-TemplateArgument type 'Kokkos::Serial'