Determining the base offset of the stack for a function.

I am running into an issue where if I have multiple functions compiled
in the same compilation unit the stack offset is not starting at zero.
For example:









Say the first function uses 64 bytes of the stack and an assumed offset
of 0 and the second function uses 32 bytes of the stack but an assumed
offset of 64. I've found out how to get the size of the stack via
MachineFrameInfo.StackSize/getObjectSize, however I have not found out
how to determine the starting offset of the stack for that specific
function. I need this information so that I can offset my stack pointer
correctly since all my indices into my stack need to start at 0 for each
independent function call.

So, what this means is that if I call func1 or func2 I need to make sure
all offsets into the stack start at zero.

Thanks for any tips/hints,

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Micah, stack offset is always relative to the stack pointer which is unchanged in the function unless you have dynamic stack allocation. So from the compiler’s point of view, the starting offset for a function is always zero.