developping pass under osx 10.10.3

Hello there,

I try to develop llvm pass under OSX, but it won’t work.
I (mostly) follow the tutorial at

When I try to produce the Makefile for my pass with cmake, I get this message:

-- HelloPass ignored -- Loadable modules not supported on this platform.

This is my CMakeList.txt of my pass:

This is including a CMake file from, which depends on (in this case)
LLVM_ENABLE_PLUGINS being defined from HandleLLVMOptions.cmake.

Probably other things too, I don't know enough about LLVM's CMake
build system to say what the preferred or most likely to work solution
is, but a couple of ideas are:

1. include(HandleLLVMOptions)
2. Add LLVM_ENABLE_PLUGINS to cmake/modules/ and
rebuild LLVM 3.6, then try again.
3. Hacky substitute for 2: just define LLVM_ENABLE_PLUGINS yourself
before include(AddLLVM).

1 might fail if HandleLLVMOptions depends on other variables being
defined (seems likely), the 2 & 3 might fail if AddLLVM depends on
other variables being defined (also seems likely).