Diagnostic*.inc files not being created

I am new to llvm and clang, so apologies in advance if this is already a known issue.

I obtained clang from the .svn repository a couple of days ago, and in attempting to build it, found that the Diagnostic*.inc (e.g., DiagnosticCommonKinds.inc) files are not being created.

I understand that they are created by tblgen, and have been looking around the makefiles to try to figure out what might not have run correctly. I have tried running tblgen manually on the *.td files, and seemed to be getting warning messages.

Finally, the archive threads and the commit logs seem to show that this code is being worked on currently by others.

Could anyone give me advice either on creating the .inc files, or how long to wait until the construction dust settles on these files?


Neal Oliver

Hi Neal,

I'm not certain what version of LLVM you are using (LLVM, not Clang), but the latest Clang in SVN is developed in tandem with the latest LLVM. You will need the LLVM sources from SVN (not LLVM 2.5) to build Clang. Incidentally, what environment are you using? Linux? Windows? Mac? What warning messages are you seeing?


Hi Ted,

Douglas just replied as well, advising me to build LLVM again from the latest development version. I am going to try again. Thanks!