DiBcom is hiring !

DiBcom (http://www.dibcom.com) is a company designing chipsets in the
field of digital TV reception. The "DSP" team, in charge of the LLVM/CLANG
based compilation chain, as well as the cpu design, is hiring.

Beside participating to the toolchain development and deployment, you will
also be part of the improvement process, by proposing efficient coding style
for the dsp firmware or suggesting hardware modifications. Some dsp function
library development is also part of the position.

Location : Palaiseau (Paris Area, France).

To the above public announcement, I would add the following notes :
- French speaking is not a requirement !
- The dsp team is small, and we have in charge both the cpu/dsp hardware
  design as well as its compiler; I think this is one of the very few places
  where you can participate to both of those developments.

Should you be interested in this position, please do not hesitate to contact me.