DIBuilder missing interface to generate DWARF info for packed_decimal basic type.


I am working on a llvm based compiler frontend in which, I am using the packed_decimal type encoding.

During using the llvm DIBuilder, I found out that the interface to create BasicType with packed_decimal encoding(DW_ATE_packed_decimal), is missing all the related encoding stuff,



DW_AT_picture_string – should be MDString Node – not decided yet.

DW_AT_decimal_sign – May be in DIflags with mask (5 distinct inputs), like FlagDSOverPunch, etc

DW_AT_digit_count – unsigned integer, like unsigned DigitCount

DW_AT_decimal_scale – integer, like int DecimalScale

I am looking to add this info in DIBasicType class (DebugInfoMetadata.h) and would appreciate advice on above location.


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