Difference of behaviour of process.Continue() between MacOSX and Linux

Dear all,

I am new to lldb-dev and I hope that this issue has not already been reported. I did not find any reference of it.

I started with the example from section “Using the lldb.py module in python” of

and decided to have the process continue after having printed some information about the breakpoint context. It allows to have multiple breakpoints and display information about every breakpoint, or to have a breakpoint at a function that is called many times and to display information for every call.

On a MacOSX machine (any recent version) it works well, but on a Linux machine (Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits) it looks like process.Continue() makes the program continue at the breakpoint instead of at the instruction following the breakpoint. Therefore, it enters an infinite loop.

I can attach the python script, but this script is just made by taking the example of the webpage, putting in a “while True” loop everything after “state = process.GetState()” and adding at the end of the loop the instruction “process.Continue()”.




thanks for your report.

Let me first ask you a question. Which version of lldb are you using?

If it's anything less than 3.7, then I strongly recommend to upgrade,
since linux support was not in a very good state there. If you are
using 3.7 or svn, then the thing you are describing should work. If it
does not please send your script along with your test app (or better
yet, file a bug at <llvm.org/bugs> and I will take a look.


Thank you for your quick answer.

I am using lldb 3.6.0 (the only one packaged for this Ubuntu).

I will see if a more recent Ubuntu has lldb 3.7, or try to install a recent version from the sources.



Oups, I forgot to include the list in the reply to Pavel.