"Different" Summer of Code Ideas

Hello LLVMers (in particular, LLVMers interested in GSoC),

Since people seem interested in GSoC project ideas, here is one that
might not be totally obvious -- work on LLVM's testing infrastructure!

I have been working hard on modernizing our nightly test performance
monitoring software, but there is a lot more work to be done. As LLVM
developers, we rely on this software for tracking performance, but
don't get much time to maintain or improve it.

I would really like to find a motivated student who enjoys building
user interfaces and web apps (and preferably has some experience) and
would like to contribute to the LLVM project. There are lots of
opportunities to make an interesting project out of this -- either at
a very application level by redefining the UI, or at a more research
level by focusing on the compiler-related aspects of performance
testings (for example, automatically looking for micro-architectural
performance variations).

Please let me know if you are interested in this kind of a Summer of
Code project.

- Daniel

I might be, especially if my other ideas don't pan out.

I have some experience with PHP, JavaScript, Python, and SQLite and MySQL.


Hi Daniel,
I'm an interested student in that idea I enjoy building web apps and I
have good experience. I've worked with PHP, Javascript (Jquery, Dojo,
...), Java (JSF, Struts, ...), and some databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL,
...) ... for more than 7 years. I graduated in 2005 and this year I've
started doing Masters. For this year I have to study LLVM because it
can be part of my thesis and it would be nice to contribuite with LLVM
community and participate in GSoC.

I'm glad to see some folks showing interest in this. It's a fantastic idea, and would be a great way to potentially make a big impact on llvm. Thanks to Daniel for suggesting it!


Hi developers, I'm sending this just to say that I'm writing a student
proposal for this idea. I'll send the link tomorrow for comments.