Direct creation of hello.exe creates error message

Dear Others,

I wanted to create hello.exe like it is mentioned in

in step 2 second part.

But I did the following:

C:\Programme\LLVM>build\bin\Debug\clang -c hello.c -o hello.exe


After that I received the error message (see attachment):

English translation:

16-Bit-MS-DOS-Part System
C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe - hello.exe
The NTVDM-CPU has discovered an invalid command.
CS:0ffc IP:ffc OP:0f 0f 85 01 00 Click on "close", to terminate
Close / Ignore

What do I have to do to create a "hello.exe" which works without errors?

The following was possible:
  % clang -c hello.c -emit-llvm -o hello.bc
  % lli hello.bc

  "hello world" was printed.


Kind regards


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