Disable JIT and interpret code instead in VMKit

I kindly request some help here, am working on some open projects in VMKit!
Do you know if there is an easy way to completely disable JIT and interpret the code instead?

Hi Daharewa,

Unfortunately, you can’t : VMKit does not have an interpreter (or a baseline compiler)…


I’ll point out that LLVM does have an old (and likely at least somewhat bit-rotten) C++ interpreter available in ExecutionEngine/Interpreter/. I know nothing about it’s status.


That's true, thanks Philip, I always forget this interpreter :slight_smile:
However, we have not tested the LLVM interpreter because it is not
easy to use when you have an exact collector.

Basically, in VMKit, we use the LLVM garbage collector infrastructure
in order to generate stack maps, i.e., maps that identifies the
location of the object references in the execution stack. If we use
the LLVM interpreter, we will have to find all the locations of the
object references in the LLVM virtual register locations of the
interpreter. And I don't know if it is possible...

See you,