Disable type checking on identifiers for parse?

In my program I'm placing a macro function body into a normal function body
so that the macro will be expanded and if there are no syntax errors,
generate an ast of it.
#define macronum 5
#define macrofunc(x,y) x+y*macronum
void func(char *x, char *y) {macrofunc(x,y);}

expanding into:
void func(char *x, char *y) {x+y*5;}
to get an ast like: (+ x (* y 5))

I won't know the param types, so I was hoping to skip the type checking.

Is this possible? e.g. by doing something with the 'Sema' or 'Parser'


Sadly, it is impossible to correctly parse C++ (and C also I believe) without being aware of types.

–Sean Silva

Thanks, I had a feeling that might be the case.

Back to the drawing board.