DISerializer question


I am trying to add debugging information to a front-end. Following the example off llvm-gcc, I pretty much understood how MachineModuleInfo work but I have a question about the lifetime of the debug object.

From the implementation of DISerialiser, It seems to me I need to keep all my debug information object alive until the end of the compilation unit (until the destruction/last use of the instance of DISerialiser). For example, I would need to keep all the SubprogramDesc for all the functions from the translation unit. Have I correctly understood?

(the problem is that the map of the serialized data is keyed by the address of the descriptor. If the descriptor is deleted, a new (and different) descriptor could take the same address and cause an hard to find bug. As far As I can see, the data isn’t acceded after being serialized, so if not for the previous point, it would be safe to delete the descriptor after use/serialization).

This is a little inefficient from a memory stand point, but not so much since the debug info shouldn’t take so much space after all. But from the easiness to use (and to help writing bug free program) wouldn’t it be simpler not too impose those restriction?

I think that a small change could accomplish this (cf patch). This patch isn’t really tested (I just verified that it compile) and is only an idea, perhaps I am totally wrong (didn’t take the time to understand all of MachineModuleInfo.cpp). It cost an unsigned per Descriptor. Perhaps this solution is no better.

(in fact I was just lazy and didn’t want to keep a list of all my descriptor for cleanup at the end :S)

MMI2.patch (2.77 KB)