Distributing a second lldb on OS X

Hi Greg/all,

Pretty soon, we are going to want to start distributing lldb for use with Android targets. It will be distributed as part of our SDK and will very likely be installed on a machine that also has Xcode.

We don’t want the two lldb installations to interfere with each other.

I don’t anticipate this being a problem but I wanted to raise the issue to get your thoughts.



The Hexagon toolchain uses “hexagon-“ as a program prefix, so we distribute hexagon-lldb, hexagon-clang, hexagon-llvm-mc, etc. RPATH is $(ORIGIN)/…/lib, so lldb picks up liblldb.so from the Hexagon tools lib directory.

.lldbinit would be shared, but if you named your lldb “android-lldb”, it would load ~/.lldbinit-android-lldb (or /users//AppData/Roaming/.lldbinit-android-lldb.exe on Windows, which needs to be fixed to remove the .exe).

Thanks Ted.