Distribution lists in Discourse

Is it possible to create distribution lists in Discourse? When trying to DM a large list of people, it is a bit arduous to enter in every name.

Why do you need to DM so many people? Is this related to the Security Group? If not, I think it’s strongly encouraged to have the conversations in public (and maybe add a new tag/category if necessary).

FYI: You can also set up private/restricted categories that are not publicly visible.

We were using DM just to work out meeting mechanics, etc that probably weren’t of interest to the larger community. However, some of the options suggested would likely achieve the desired result.

Yeah, my experience from other forums like this is that setting up a new category is really the best approach. Among other things, it makes it painless to share historical discussions with new people who join your project, which is almost always what you want.

The flip side of that, of course, is that you need to remember that your category membership isn’t frozen in time, and so even if you’re restricting membership, you shouldn’t post anything that you want to keep truly confidential. For example, frank discussions about candidates to join the project should almost be held on a real d-list rather than in the category. That’s one reason (among many) why leaving your category public is the best default: there’s no illusion of privacy that you might find yourself uncomfortably revisiting in the future.

@tonic can we create a ‘C/C++ WG’ sub-category under the Clang Frontend category?

Would a tag work?

Can you get notified on a tag? The two main objectives were to add some organization to WG topics, as well as get notified when a new one appears.