Do I need to implement CCAssignFnForCall for porting GlobalISel to AVR target?

Hi LLVM developers,

I am porting GlobalISel to AVR target by learning ARM target's source code

commit c82e7ec9e25c934568eb9c75cf13226177e98dba
Author: Diana Picus <>

 \[ARM\] Expose methods to get the CCAssignFn\. NFCI

 Add two public methods to ARMTargetLowering: CCAssignFnForCall and
 CCAssignFnForReturn, which are just calling the already existing private method
 CCAssignFnForNode\. These will come in handy for GlobalISel on ARM\.

 We also replace all calls to CCAssignFnForNode in ARMISelLowering\.cpp, because
 the new methods are friendlier to the reader\.

There are:




But there is only CCAssignFnForReturn for AVR, do I need to implement CCAssignFnForCall for AVR target?

diff --git a/lib/Target/AVR/ b/lib/Target/AVR/
index 68dbce0..d460925 100644
--- a/lib/Target/AVR/
+++ b/lib/Target/AVR/
@@ -10,6 +10,18 @@

+// AVR Calling Convention