Docs: Proposal to update LLVM docs homepage

Hey everyone,

Next week is the official start of doc development for Google Season of Docs. This part of the program lasts for three months (Sept. 2 - November 22).

Here’s a high-level overview of the items that I’d like to tackle during that time:

  1. Restructure the LLVM docs homepage.

  2. Reorganize the User Guides, Programming Documentation, and Subsystem Documentation topics into specific categories/pages.

  3. Update the Sphinx/reStructuredText style guide.

  4. Misc. site enhancements, doc updates, bug fixes, etc.

Per the guidelines outlined in the LLVM Developer Policy, I’ll be taking an incremental/iterative approach by breaking up my updates into smaller chunks. The first item I’ll be working on is a revamp of the existing LLVM Docs homepage. The updated homepage will (initially) consist of the following four sections:


LLVM Design and Overview