Docs: Testing locally but still getting buildbot errors with my commits.

Last night, I triggered a buildbot error after my most recent commit. That one was totally on me as the warning did pop up while generating the docs site locally using the sphinx-build command (confirmed this afternoon).

I just checked in a commit to resolve the error but now it appears I’ve triggered a different buildbot error? This error did not come up when I built the site locally to test my bug fix. I’m still trying to resolve this error as I don’t actually see the duplicate label (index-subsystem-docs) in index.rst. Here’s the error message:

WARNING: duplicate label index-subsystem-docs, other instance in /home/buildbot/llvm-build-dir/llvm-sphinx-docs/llvm/src/docs/index.rst

Going forward, are there additional steps I can take when building/testing locally so that I can make sure this doesn’t happen with future commits?


Hi DeForest,

What version of sphinx and recommonmark are you using? Jordan (cc’ed) and I did some investigation a few months ago, and discovered that the different versions can cause significantly different behaviours, up to and including different warnings on occasion. As a result, it’s important to match the version on the build bots. You can see this email thread for more discussion re. different versions of recommonmark and sphinx. IIRC, you should use version 0.4.0 and 1.7.9 respectively.

FWIW, it looks like the build bot is currently green.


clang's docs are not sphinx warning-clean, therefore you should pass

Thanks all. I confirmed that I’m using the correct version of Sphinx/recommonmark. The warning I was seeing about a duplicate label doesn’t appear to affect the actual build.