Documentation corrections


I am interested in contributing to LLVM in the future. Meanwhile, I am reading many of the project documents (right now, "TableGen Language Reference"). Is there a way I can contribute corrections to these documents without cloning and building LLVM?

~~ Paul


Yeah, you can. You could submit
a patch without even downloading it
I think, but let’s say you do.

Then you just edit e.g. this file:

So basically, .rst files under /llvm/docs (You’ll understand the format easily but you can also ask or/amd search for sphinx doc)

And finally you submit a patch as described here:

Let us know if you have any problems.


– Sent over my phone, format is maybe not the best

In addition to what Stefanos said:

a) Please. That would be wonderful.
b) Feel free to add me as a reviewer.