Documentation: How to Setup a Windows Buildbot Slave


Here’s my first draft proposal for a document on how to setup a Windows box for building LLVM and Clang using MinGW(32/64).

The document can serve equally as a procedure for how to configure a Windows box to build LLVM and Clang using MinGW(32/64), and as a procedure for how to set up a build slave.

The only thing that is untested is the actual procedure of registering a buildbot slave with and have use that slave. I hesitate to submit my machine because I have now realized that I need something faster than an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz with 2 gigabytes RAM to serve as a build machine. I have purchased another machine for this purpose, but it will take a few weeks before I get it. So I figure the time until then can be used to have you review, critize, and comment upon what I have written so far.

Please be adviced that I have the habit of checking my pride at the door when I develop software, so all suggestions, enhancement requests, comments, critique, etc. are welcome. Also, if you think that the document is completely superflous, I’ll be willing to listen to you. I just happen to think that this document might attract Windows users without Unix experience.

As my native language is Danish, I readily admit that there will be grammar and spelling errors in the document. Please let me know about these.

The trick that one can use Microsoft Visual Studio for all but linking should be included somewhere, in the MS VS documentation I think, but not here.

One more thing, I have forgotten up until now is to add a section on how to debug MinGW executables using the Cygwin version of “ddd”. Most Windows users will reject the whole idea of using GDB for anything but identifying trap points in a core dump.

Please see the attached ZIP archive for details.


Setting up a Windows Buildbot (9.85 KB)