Documentation LLDB-MI

Hi Lists,

I have to implement a graphical interface to open the Dump of Macos with LLDB.
I know how to do this using the command line, but this and less productive, I found that LLDB-MI little make me an interface to do this need but I did not find an example of LLDB-MI in C ++ and How to build LLDB-MI.
To detail our need:
1 - opening of a core dump.
2 -__ reading the value of a memory address.
3 -__ list threads and frames.
4 -__ get assembler of each frame.

Thank you in advance for your help

lldb-mi uses the gdb/mi interface, which is defined here: . The lldb-mi implementation is slightly different in some ways, but nothing that should affect what you want to do.

Looking at the code (in /tools/lldb-mi/MICmdCmdFile.cpp) for -file-exec-and-symbols, I don’t see a way to read a core file with mi commands, but you can give an lldb command that will be passed through, something like “target create foo.elf -c foo.core”

You build lldb-mi the same way you build lldb, just use the lldb-mi target. For example, “make lldb-mi”.

I see you also asked this on lldb-commits. This was a better list for that question, but I responded on the other list. In short, unless you need to use the MI because you have to support both gdb & lldb, I think you will be much happier using the SB API's than the MI.