Documentation online is stale?

Hi all,

There have been changes to the Testing Guide documentation recently (see e.g., which don’t appear to be reflected in the live document on the website. It looks like the sphinx build bot is good, so it’s not that something’s broken that.

I was under the impression the online docs updated more frequently than every few days, but maybe I’m wrong? If not, I guess something else has broken the process?


+ Andrei

A few days ago the bots were down that update the webpage. OpenMP docs
got updated once they were back, Andrei knows these things ususally :wink:

~ Johannes

Thanks, Johannes!

Hi James,

The docs should be updated.
You probably figured this already by now.

Yes, in general we have a bot which builds the docs on changes as quickly as it can catch up.

But with the last system update we have got an issue with one of the doxygen dependencies. I'm trying to track that down, and for that I'm taking the bot down temporarily at random times (basically whenever I have some spare time for the investigation). Then the doc updates are waiting for the bot being back and pick from there.

Sorry for inconvenience, and hope it will be back to normal soon.


No problem, and thanks for the info!