DocumentXML Assertion

I saw this in some archives recently, but I didn’t really see the question get answered.

I am trying to use the -ast-print-xml flag on clang front end, but on almost every file, I’m getting a crash after an assertion in Document.XML at line 51.

The command I am running is:
./clang -S -Xclang -ast-print-xml -o /tmp/output.xml MyClass.m

The assertion exactly is:
Assertion failed: (NodeStack.size() > 1 && “too much backtracking”), function toParent, file DocumentXML.cpp, line 51.

Is there a work-around until a fix can get in?



FWIW, XML output was a community contribution that is not being actively maintained. This (and other) problems with the XML output are unlikely to get resolved unless people are willing to provide patches to fix them.

  - Doug