Does check-openmp run with buildbots?

Hi, I just submitted a PR with modifications to OpenMP tests, but observed that buildbots did not run check-openmp on my patch. Just out of curiosity, are we not running check-openmp at all, or are we running it selectively, like only on merges?

Edit: Link to PR

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I doubt we run it in the pre-merge checks. We would need to enable openmp for check-all to pick up the tests. We have buildbots though, so, post-merge we run the tests.

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I think these particular tests (the ones in the linked PR) that depend on Flang-new might not be getting tested post-merge currently, I’m unsure if any of the buildbots that build openmp also build Flang-new currently and meet the pre-requisites. I could be very wrong though, and it’d be quite reassuring to find out they are covered by post-merge buildbots!

I just recall looking over the openmp tagged buildbots and not seeing Flang in the config line a while ago, so unsure if they’d be covered.