Does LLVM still support PathProfiling?

Hello everyone.
Our project needs a tool to gather path profiling information of a program, so I turn to LLVM for help.
However, it seems the function we need is removed since version 3.4. I try the version 3.3 instead, and I find that edge profiling, optimal edge profiling works well. When it comes to path profiling, it simply doesn’t work.
And I can’t find in version 3.3 build, I download one from instead.
The command I use:

opt -insert-path-profiling -o example.pp.bc example.bc
lli -load WHERE_YOUR_LIBPROFILE_RE_SO_LIES/ example.pp.bc
#it produces llvmprof.out successfully
llvm-prof example.pp.bc
#then following error occurs : llvm-prof: Unknown packet type #5!

So, my question is :
1.Is there a new version that support PathProfiling again?
2.Any historical version of LLVM support PathProfiling well? If any, please tell me the version number ...