does llvm support type checking?

Recently I was looking up LLVM on net and I stumbled upon a pdf called
"2008-05-17-BSDCan-LLVMIntro.pdf". What makes this somewhat general
introduction to llvm interesting for me is the fact that it mentions (on
page 30 if you are curious) that it supports "Type Checking and Semantic
- Builds Abstract Syntax Trees (AST) for valid input"!!! I find this
surprising because I knew nothing about type checking being implemented in
llvm. I am not much of a compiler guy (and I dont know much about llvm), but
type checking has always been an amazing idea to me simply because of how
many common errors it would prevent from inputs getting messed up. Why isnt
it being advertised more? When I googled "llvm + type checking" I just got
obscure questions/answers and the term being thrown haphazardly in broad
descriptions of the what llvm can do. Is this really a feature that is
going/already has been implemented?


I am sorry if this post seems stupid, but I feel like it is insane if people
are not hyping the importance of a feature like this.

LLVM does not build ASTs. You were probably reading a description of clang, a C compiler built on LLVM.

LLVM has a low-level type system, but does not attempt to provide a safe execution environment like the type systems in a Java VM or the .NET runtime. It is detailed in the manual.

— Gordon