Does mips backend support variable arguments in release version(llvm-2.6)?

Hi everyone,

It seems variable arguments is not support by mips backend in llvm-2.6.

int func(int i, …) {
return 0;

llvm-gcc func.c -emit-llvm -c -O3 -o func.bc
llc func.bc -relocation-model=static -march=mips -O0 -o func.s

Command llc fails:
llc:SelectionDAGBuilder.cpp:6440:void llvm::SelectionDAGISel::LowerArguments(
llvm::BasicBlock):Assertion ‘Invals.size() == Ins.size && “LowerFormalArguments
didn’t emit the correct number of values!”’ failed

Does the latest mips backend in svn trunk support variable arguments?



Hi Bruno,

Please give a message after you fix it. I am using it in my work


2010/2/3 Bruno Cardoso Lopes <>