download page for LLDB at

Hi all,

I just took a look at our page here:

The LLDB Releases section seems pretty out of date. It seems like we could correct that via a few different ways:

  • Remove the LLDB Releases section - this would eliminate the appearance of us keeping it up to date (i.e. match what looks to be reality).

  • Start keeping it up to date, at least for the groups that are in fact making occasional builds available.

  • Coordinate with the LLVM folks that do the LLVM binaries, figure out what we need to do to make that happen, and maybe have this page link to the LLVM downloads page.

  • For those buildbots that do produce usable packages, we could link from here to the build jobs, possibly with a little text on how to make use of it.

  • Something else?

Any opinions here? Clearly some of those options above imply work by some, so getting generating usable images generated still may be on a maintainer opt-in basis. I’m just looking to see us clean up the communication on this page:

just as a matter of settings expectations for those who land there.

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

My 2 cents: I’d like to see lldb getting more of a first class citizen (alongside with Clang) in the LLVM project. So having it as part of the LLVM release makes sense to me, at least on the medium term.


Okay, thanks for weighing in, Mehdi.

I’ll reach out to the LLVM side and see how they handle the builds, then report back on options there.