Doxygen maintenance and version requirements?

Who maintains the regular Doxygen generation and where is the code for it? Looks like the docs are currently being generated by Doxygen 1.8.17, but I can’t seem to find the code for the it in the monorepo. (I did find the doc generation script for releases but that seems unrelated).

I’m running into a stack overflow with Doxygen 1.8.20 and 1.9.3 on macOS, which seems to trigger only after several hours, making debugging tricky. I’m also curious how long the build job takes to generate all the Doxygen.

The Doxygen documentation is generated by the build bot: Buildbot

The build takes about 6 hours on that particular computer. You can open the “Build Times” tab to check how does the build time look over about 6 weeks of history.

The code is a part of llvm-zorg, not the monorepo. It could be found in llvm-zorg/ at main · llvm/llvm-zorg · GitHub

The bot uses Doxygen 1.8.17 for that exact reason. More recent versions of Doxygen either hang or crash.

Hope this helps.