doxygen tag files

Hi there.

I did a quick Google search for this topic in the mailing lists - apologies if this has popped up before.

I intend to use LLVM with one of my projects and I noticed that currently the LLVM build process doesn't generate doxygen tag files.

My projects all generate tag files and refer to the tag files of projects they use.

I've modified a recent revision (164864) to
1. group html files into directories
2. generate a tag file
3. copy the files en-masse into $(DESTDIR)$(PROJ_docsdir)/doxygen, including llvm.tag
4. change the file attributes in-place

See the attached patch that does this.

The only problem I'm stuck with is how to get the sub-projects to use the tag file.
This would need a change that builds the LLVM docs + tag file (llvm.tag) before generating the doxygen documentation of projects that use it.

This is complicated by the opportunity for tools like clang to also generate tag files.
Then there's the issue of defining dependency relationships between the various projects, so they could refer to the other projects tag files.

This dependency information must be there already since they get built in the correct order.

Any pointers?

Philip Ashmore

llvm-tag.patch (1.82 KB)