Doxygen version used to build docs for

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Hi Tanya,

Currently the documentation on is built using Doxygen which was released about 5 years ago and lacks a bunch of features, notably markdown support. Could you (or someone else) upgrade Doxygen used to generate docs on to at least version 1.8.6 (ideally, to the latest available version - 1.8.11).

Thank you!

– Alex

It has been updated to 1.8.11.

Rebuilding all doxygen now.


Thank you for updating doxygen, Tanya! Now I see the pages generated by the new doxygen, however, the clang-tools-extra doc page seems to be built from incorrect sources (it’s titled “My Project” and doesn’t contain anything related to clang-tools-extra). When I’m building doxygen-clang-tools locally (with doxygen 1.8.6, but I don’t think this should make much difference), it seems to work fine (see the attached screenshot of my locally-generated doxygen documentation).

There was an svn conflict that was causing some stale information when building the doxygen. It is fixed now.


Looks better now, thank you!

One more thing is that the doxygen.intro files are ignored: both and contain empty introductions. I guess, this might be related to the newer version of doxygen. I’ll try to get the same version on my machine and experiment a bit, but if you could share the output of doxygen build, it might be helpful.

With doxygen 1.8.11 I see the same effect locally. Will try to find a solution.

An update: doxygen main page issue fixed in r262603, r262605, r262786.