DragonEgg and FORTRAN Compilation with LLVM 3.7.x


I noticed that there is no Dragonegg available for downloading in LLVM 3.7.x. Does this mean that Dragonegg is no longer supported or that we can just use the Dragonegg that is available with LLVM 3.6.x? I don’t remember reading anything in this mailing list about dropping Dragonegg! I am interested in Dragonegg only because SPEC CPU2006 has many FORTRAN benchmarks. Is there another alternative for compiling FORTRAN code using LLVM 3.7.x? It’s hard to believe that the latest version of LLVM does not compile SPEC CPU2006.


Ghassan Shobaki
Assistant Professor

Dept. of Computer Science

California State University, Sacramento

The last commit to dragonegg repo was more than 1 year ago. This means
that there was no dragonegg compatible with LLVM 3.7 nor will be with
LLVM 3.8. Patches are surely welcome.