DragonEgg for GCC v8.x and LLVM v6.x is just able to work

Out of curiosity, what is motivating this work? What is the usecase for dragonegg these days, now that Clang has great C++ support? Are you interested in Ada + LLVM or some other frontend?


We are using Dragonegg in our academic research, because we are using SPEC CPU2006 for benchmarking. CPU2006 has many FP benchmarks written in Fortran, and this is still the case in CPU2017. Half of the FP benchmarks in CPU2017 have Fortran code. We are not particularly interested in Fortran, but I assume that this benchmark selection reflects the fact that a lot of important scientific programs are written in Fortran. We will be happy to use Flang as soon as it is ready and capable of compiling CPU2017. Our life will be much easier with a native Fortran front end.

Ghassan Shobaki, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

California State University, Sacramento

I believe that it can now. You should go to flang-compiler.org and, if you find a problem, please file an issue on the flang github page. -Hal

Flang should be able to compile most of CPU2017 if not all of them.