dragonegg pb05 for gcc 4.5.4 vs 4.6.1

With current dragonegg svn, the Polyhedron 2005 benchmarks
all now pass when using the compiler plugin under FSF gcc 4.6.1
on x86_64-apple-darwin11. The differences between the runtime
and compile times when using the same plugin under FSF gcc 4.5.4svn
are small. Once new vector_select feature is available in llvm and
-fplugin-arg-dragonegg-enable-gcc-optzns supports -ftree-vectorizer
we might see more of a difference between the two FSF gcc releases.

-ffast-math -funroll-loops -msse3 -O3

Benchmark gcc 4.5.4 gcc 4.6.1
ac 12.19 10.99
aermod 17.84 17.52
air 7.83 7.66
capacita 46.11 45.84
channel 1.96 1.96
doduc 30.17 30.43
fatigue 8.96 9.12
gas_dyn 11.75 11.50
induct 24.52 24.46
linkpk 15.73 15.64
mbdx 12.10 12.01
nf 29.08 29.27
protein 40.44 41.04
rnflow 31.89 31.90
test_fpu 11.34 11.33
tfft 2.19 2.19

mean time 13.98 13.85

Compile time
Benchmark gcc 4.5.4 gcc 4.6.1
ac 0.79 0.30
aermod 20.87 21.92
air 0.81 0.86
capacita 0.43 0.53
channel 0.25 0.25
doduc 1.66 1.79
fatigue 0.83 0.87
gas_dyn 0.77 0.74
induct 1.65 1.87
linkpk 0.20 0.21
mbdx 0.60 0.64
nf 0.27 0.32
protein 0.97 1.07
rnflow 1.24 1.38
test_fpu 1.03 1.04
tfft 0.19 0.20

Hi Jack,

Here is a short update regarding the vector_select development.

Adding vector-select has two main tasks: (a) type-legalization changes, and (b) vector-select (blend instruction) support.

The type-legalization change is adding a new kind of type-legalization: the promotion of integer vector elements into wider element types. I had committed the code for this change. It is currently only enabled by a command line flag (-promote-elements). I am now working on fixing bugs in the new code and in different places in LLVM in order to enable this feature by default. In order to enable this test by default I want all of the tests in the test-suite to pass. At the moment only ~14 LIT tests are failing when enabling the new type-legalization mode. I expect to finish this work in a few weeks.

Notice that once this work is complete you should expect to see much better code generation on 'illegal' vector types such as <4 x i8>. See PR 9623.

Once the type-legalization part is complete, adding the vector-select (blend instruction) code will be easy. It is included in the patch that I sent to the commit-list a few weeks ago.

So, bottom line, we are getting there :slight_smile: