dumb question about record-command-line


I have an exceeding dumb question.

If I turn on -frecord-command-line, how do I view it in the object files, libraries and executables? No matter what I incant to google, it only wants to tell me what the command line arguments are.

thanks in advance,


Depends on your platform, but probably in some section or another in the object/executable. Try running objdump (or llvm-objdump) -h on the object or executable with/without the switch and see which new section shows up. Then you can use objdump -s (I think it’s -s, check the man page, etc) to dump the contents of that section.

for anyone who happens upon this, the incantation is

llvm-readobj -p .GCC.command.line filename

(you can use llvm-readelf or readelf with the same args as well)