dump-record-layouts output inconsistent ?

Hi list

I have noticed that the dumped record layouts aren't always consistent
with other output of that same dump.

The following examples below should hopefully make clear what I mean.

Is this expected or should I file a bug report for it?

Please keep me in CC as I'm not subscribed to the list.

Thank you

typedef struct {
    struct {
        int tFilterParamsPCount;
        int tFilterParamsBCount;
    } egress;
    struct {
        int tFilterParamsPCount;
        int tFilterParamsBCount;
    } ingress;
} tFltrParamsStats;

typedef struct bla {
    tFltrParamsStats bla;

*** Dumping AST Record Layout
         0 | struct (anonymous at /tmp/test.c:2:5)