Duty after a revision is accepted

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the trivial question, but after a revision is accepted, do I have to do anything as the revision author? I do not have commit rights btw (and so the revision is accepted by someone else who does have).
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You could ask one of the reviewers to submit on your behalf or send an email to the list (just like you have).

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Just tell whoever accepted it.


As others have said, ask one of your reviewers to land it for you.

For context, as a community we generally assume authors have commit access unless they explicitly say otherwise. Unlike some other open source projects, LLVM distributes commit rights widely, so it’s common for most authors to have commit rights even if they contribute very rarely. As a result, reviewers are unlikely to release an author doesn’t have commit rights on their own.


Hi Philip,
How do I get commit access in that case?
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After enough revisions I was invited to apply for committee access.

Not sure if there’s a more formal process in place now.



Thanks Philip! I couldn’t find this page on Google for some reason.