DWZ support?


at least Fedora Linux distribution uses DWZ to reduce DWARF debug info size:
  Features/DwarfCompressor - Fedora Project Wiki

It is DWARF optimization - not really a compression. One can find it by
<0><b>: Abbrev Number: 103 (DW_TAG_partial_unit)
    <c> DW_AT_stmt_list : 0x0
    <10> DW_AT_comp_dir : (alt indirect string, offset: 0xe61c)
<1><14>: Abbrev Number: 45 (DW_TAG_imported_unit)
    <15> DW_AT_import : <alt 0xb>

LLDB (incl. trunk) does not support it and it even crashes on DWZed files.
Is anyone working on this support? To prevent possible work duplication.

I have found only this commit but that is not really for LLDB:

Jan Kratochvil