DynTypedNode::get() cant infer template argument 'T'

i have this code snippet:

ASTContext::DynTypedNodeList NodeList = ASTC->getParents(*DRE);
ast_type_traits::DynTypedNode ParentNode = NodeList[0];
/*some code here to determine if the NodeKind is ImplicitCastExpr*/
const ImplicitCastExpr* ParentICE = ParentNode.get();

basically, its getting the parent of a match-node and then if its an
ImplicitCastExpr(), i want to get the node as one and do some further
when i try to compile the code, for DynTypedNode::get(), i get this:

mutator-lvl0.cpp:1644:30: error: no matching member function for call to 'get'
      ParentICE = ParentNode.get();
note: candidate template ignored: couldn't infer template argument 'T'
  const T *get() const {
what am i doing wrong?