Easy way to get value given by user

Hello. I’m a newbie for LLVM.

I have a question on getting input value given by the user.

What I want to get is main’s argv’s last argument and convert it as integer value.

I solved this by writing extra function and combining the original program.
To make it work, I also linked with llvm-link command.

The following is the function I linked.

int countconverter(int argc, char** ip) {
printf(“----------Input converter----------\n”);
printf(“The input to this program is argc: %d → argv[argc-1]%s\n”,argc, ip[argc-1]);
int result = atoi(ip[argc-1]);
printf(“Converted integer is %d\n”, result);
return result;

So, whenever I need the value given by the user, I call the function and store the result in the stack. However, I think it is inefficient.

I believe there is a way to get a value when doing pass in main function and get the last argument and convert it to integer value. By doing this, I think I can remove the need for calling function which is good. Can anyone help me to figure out this problem?