ELF EM value for 65816

Hello, I’m working on porting llvm to build for 65816, and I wanted to use a value of e_machine for this. I was wondering if there is a process for getting a value reserved. I’ve seen some information but its from many years ago, and seems to be well out of date? Just wanted to ask people who would likely know.

The official ELF specification is hosted at

After this post
there is no more posts from them.

In 2017, there was a post Recent e_machine assignments from Xinuos

In 2018, a HermitCore developer attempted to ask registry@sco.com but
got no response.
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(I tried contacting them in 2019 to update
System V Application Binary Interface - DRAFT but there has
been no response.)

So the official ELF specification is probably in an unmaintained status.

You can propose it on that mailing list and consensus can form. You can also use a vendor specific emachine field by using a name like EM_LLVM_FOO. LLVM has extensions that are not agreed on anywhere else as well like partitions. For such extensions you merely need to reach consensus on llvm-dev (or the new decision process if that’s been rolled out)