ELF section load address

We had a need for calculating an ELF section load address, essentially the
LMA address printed out from GNU objdump with the –h option:

Idx Name Size VMA LMA File off Algn
  0 .start 00003dc0 00000000 00000000 00001000 2**6

It looks like GNU binutils calculates this by applying the delta between the
vaddr and paddr of the section's enclosing segment.

I implemented this inside llvm-readobj:

  Section {
    Index: 30
    Name: .strtab (9)
    Type: SHT_STRTAB (0x3)
    Flags [ (0x0)
    Address: 0x0
    Load Address: 0x0
    Offset: 0x64FF88
    Size: 2689979
    Link: 0
    Info: 0
    AddressAlignment: 1
    EntrySize: 0

Is there interest in this being upstreamed? It's a small patch.

Is this the best place to put this information inside of llvm-readobj and
underneath the 'Address:' line. If there's a better place let me know.

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Sure, more information that way is useful. Sending a patch is always appreciated.