ELF type detection

In Plugins/ObjectFile/ELF/ObjectFileELF.cpp I see the following:

// We could parse the ABI tag information (in .note, .notes, or
.note.ABI-tag) to get the
// machine information. However, this info isn't guaranteed to exist
or be correct. Details:
// http://refspecs.linuxfoundation.org/LSB_1.2.0/gLSB/noteabitag.html
// Instead of passing potentially incorrect information down the pipeline, grab
// the host information and use it.
spec.GetArchitecture().GetTriple().setOSName (Host::GetOSString().GetCString());

Presumably we're going to want to be able to open e.g. ELF Linux cores
on FreeBSD hosts, or FreeBSD cores on OS X, so we'll want to make use
of this information if available. Are there actually cases where it
exists but is incorrect, as opposed to just missing?