ELLCC update for October 5, 2014

The clang/LLVM/musl based ELLCC embedded cross compilation tool chain
(http://ellcc.org) now has a binary snapshot available for Mac OS X Mavericks.
The tools allow building embedded Linux and standalone C/C++ programs on OS X
targeting ARM, Mips, PowerPC and x86 32 and 64 bit targets,

Binary snapshots are also available for Linux systems running on all the
supported targets.

Snapshots are available at ftp://ellcc.org/pub

The first major step to replace GNU ld with the LLVM lld linker has been
completed. ELLCC was able to build itself for the x86_64 using lld. There
was a minor bug uncovered in lld with weak alias symbols that was promptly
fixed by the talented LLVM developers (Thanks Rafael!)